Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Doctor Wife, Ep 4

OMG, there's a bunch of thing's that a lot of people will talk about this episode that seem pretty much down right wrong and down right funny. YES, FUNNY as in funny cool and funny brilliant that seem to make you want to smile or just want to say, "WTF!?! The Tardis is in that woman body!?! No way, that's not blooming possible!?!" And yes, this is true about the episode and the title itself. Who on earth though of the title "The Doctor's Wife" in the first place? The whole episode is funny if you are watching but it's has a creepy side to it also if your sitting there on the couch and thinking to yourself like what the hell just happen here.

Ok,  if your wondering what I'm talking about I'll try to bring in what I really know about the episode. If anyone tell's me I show wrote it down when it was still fresh, it's because I didn't though of it in the first place. So don't bug me about it. Ok, back to what I know, when you watch the episode from the beginning of it, you see what happen with a woman called Idris is afraid of what is going to happen to her. Even though that Auntie, Uncle and Nephew with a green eyed Ood is within this univeres with her. (Which nobody hasn't seen an Ood with a green eyes before in which it has been awhile for something different with another eye color this time around.)

Mean while in another univeres in the year 2011, there seem to be a knock on the door when the Tardis is in flight that makes Amy and Rory thinking how's that possible to get a knocking upon the door of the Tardis in which the Doctor got a mail from this cube of life. Yes, a cube with a light within it. Which goes upon the line of "I've got mail!" (Lol, ok, somebody got something going on this when doing this episode.)

But the funny thing did come when they got throw out to the "outside of the Univeres" and landed to the graveyard of all the torn down Tardis. Yet, the only real funny thing that Idris did do was kissing the Doctor and bit him a bit later after the kiss. Since I have seen the episode and don't want to get into the whole detail after not re-watching it, in which I will do later. I'll let you decide on that. Since like I said, there's funny moment, scary bit moment and a sad moment that will make you want to cry,

I let everyone just watch the episode and just go with it.

Doctor Who Episode 5 & 6 of Series 6

If your reading this now after roughly 4 weeks has pass from the 2 part episode within May, then the previews episode of Doctor Who that involved the "Ganers" that they called themselves, is pretty much on a dull side of the track till mid way of the 6 episode that it gotten interesting at the point that can't always be dull in the end. But just dull in fact that I can't stand it in one point or the other that you can't tell who is who within that episode. Which is something that you can't always relied on which episode that will satisfied anyone who is now becoming a BIG fan of the show that started since nearly 50 years or the one's that started since 2005 which is about 6 years.

That bring me to the point on the episode that most part of the show will be very much funny or just makes you go, huh? I don't get it. type of way that yes, sometimes, not a lot of people will not get it until they have seen the whole series depending on which one that you have watched on in some point of time. Since I'm going to write about a few blogs about Doctor Who for the moment to get my thoughts out for the time being about which episode's that I fell in love with or the one's that feels like a total shocker within the series. Or just blog about which feels like they need to get right at some point.

Since the episode that did deals with the Gangers, it did feels like half a million's viewer's did just watched it half way or just turn off their telly completely at some point till next week episode to get their moods back up again. I know the feeling, even kids who is watching this with their parents, just felt like something did lack within the episode. I can totally feel what most people will do if they have to walk away from their telly and do something else and wait till the show ended.

So my feeling on the two part episode that delt with the Gangers from a rating 1 to 10, I'll give it a total 5. They need something to keep something up at most point. That is my point to this episode. Please leave a comment if you seen the episode, and if not, go buy it on your PS3 or ITunes. And if you read this, please leave a comment and feeling about it.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Poching Egg, sounds easy right?

I've poached my own egg, and I like to say this on behalf of's never easy when your doing it so many time over and over again. And yes, this is true in fact since I've done the damn thing like 4 to 5 times already for my own pity sake. Lets just say, that it taste yummy without the taste of vinegar in it. Few times of cooking it myself, I'm in pure heaven for it.

It does takes some time to cook poach eggs, but it's up to most people to use vinegar at some point. And in my point of view, last just say since I'm part chamorro, it's depends on my taste if I want to use vinegar but I'll leave it out if I'm not going to eat it. Reason why, don't want to taste like rubber. Yes, rubber. If you don't wash it off, it taste like rubber in the end if you leave it alone which is a very good idea to wash it off in cold water with ice cubes in it. Yes, it chill the cooking process by some tenth fold for anyone who understand math. Since I love eggs at most point, I have in fact did one egg that looks like the Benedict egg that most people have seen before if they eat for breakfast. So I've out done myself for one of the eggs that I cooked. :)

Felt like doing this blog has at least gave myself some outlet for something reason. Just hope something good comes my way.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Sick as a dog, but want to cook "Mastering the Arts of French Cook"

Damn it! This what happen when you have family member or somebody that you know that is sick, giving you the sickness by the end of the week or so. Feels this never ends if anyone understand it by this blog. And yes, this is true, because I have a bit of a sore throat which soup is helping just a bit and still have bit of my story that I'm still doing that I promise myself to get done but haven't.

Right now, my nephew needs to mind his P's & Q's at the moment whenever he comes home from school. If your wondering why I'm mentioning this is that YES I don't have a boyfriend. Which I'll deal with myself and two, nobody in my family better not try to hook me up with anyone. Cause if someone hook me up with somebody who is a Filipino, better not or I'll throw a book in their face's if they did and this is true. I'll find love in my own in my own time, which I hope it will be soon before I turn 30 in another 5 years from now. Feels like I need to go on a dating site of some sort.....or just Europe in that matter.

But as of right now, I'll be dealing on this light flu. Yes, Light Flu. I'm not fully sick that makes me stay at home for nearly 2 weeks to rest up. Yet this will go away in just a short matter for under a week at least if I rest, drink some water/juice, and try to eat something to get better with a minor cough and a light sniffles. By then I'll might get a job and I'll try to get myself some cook books or something that is by Julia Child. Like "Mastering the Arts of French Cooking" which I will learn to cook on my own and if I get a pay check, start paying for groceries on my own.  If anyone is reading these blogs.....please respond......anyone?

Assassin's Creed...............

Ok, so far on playing Assassin's Creed, there's so much history that is going that you have to play for it yourself without me telling you on what it's about. This is very short about now.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Figure Out on Niccolo Machiavelli a bit

Holy-Moly! There's is a lot a compared info that I just found out that Niccolo could have been married. Yes, even though that not all of the website that I've been to contended the info on Machiavelli's life. Which they do, yes, but never much on his married life from what I'm been reading about during the last 2 month as it is.

Yes again, if you are reading this. I've been doing my homework on this guy for the past 2 months to whatsoever, figuring out is this guy has been married or what, but at the same time -- figuring out the pieces from the video game Assassin's Creed. Even though that the game is all not real, the setting, the historical characters, and the events are true. True to form, Ubisoft has done their homework too on the actually people that they put into the game itself. The only real difference here is that the character Ezio is put into the mix by not getting the real story confuse with the actually events that happen for nearly 600 years ago.

Ok, what I'm trying to say is that if you drop Ezio out of the Picture and look at the real story behind from they did, you'll be getting the actually picture of what happen.

I know this is suppose to be about Niccolo, but I'm always getting head of myself in the game of life on what I'm really suppose to be doing on this. Yes, yes, like I was saying is that Niccolo is married, but the real true to that story is what is his personal life is all about when he had a family from the time he was part with the state that he was in before the rise of the Medici family and before losing his job after 14 years. All this time, I thought I could understand who is Niccolo Machiavelli really is. But he just made me think even more on what he really been during all this time. I'm just a bit lost, but if I went to Italy right now on a research project that I wish I could be during right now, I'll be a happy person right about now. But for now, that has to be kept for next time.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Devon Bostick in Wimpy Kid

Right now, I'm putting Niccolo Machiavelli on hold for the moment and gonna talk about "Diary of a wimpy kid" movie as for good reason. And who got me into watching "Diary of a wimpy kid" at this moment since I just watch the 3:25 time at Agana Shopping Center? It's Devon Bostick. If you don't know who he is, go watch Assassin's Creed Linage and you'll see what I'm talking about. Devon Bostick played as the young Ezio in the 36 minute movie of AC Linage, but he was cast in "Wimpy kid" since 2010 of last year, which he was cast to play the brother in "Wimpy Kid" as Roddrick Heffly (and sorry if I misspell it.)

The movie is a pretty good movie as it is and it's still teaches the value on siblings at any age. Which I'm gonna buy the books, and I mean all the books of Wimpy Kid at this very moment. From the feeling I'm gonna be doing is going to read all the books in 1 to 2 weeks time if I was reading it right now. Which means, putting my playing of video games on hold, holding off on writing my books for the time being, and at the same time, still taking my grandmother somewhere on where she wants to go during the day time. Nights, I keeps myself busy on reading books of the sort, because just yesterday, I finally got the book of Sadako and the thousand paper crane and I just finish reading it in one shot for one hour at the most. It's not like reading Harry Potter of the sort or like reading my Assassin's Creed books that's been turned into a novel on certain books.

oh believe me when I say this that no matter how many books we read, we may never read it all. If any one is going to do that as a challenge, you'll have to be reading it day and night, right before you go to bed and when you wake up from bed. Ok, I'm getting off topic here.

Since I'm mentioning about Devon Bostick, he's a cute kid for someone who is like totally 5 years younger than and is pretty good on wearing eyeliner within the movie. I remember certain lines from the movie since I've just came from watching it. But it was also put into the trailers of the movie. Which is "The only thing you have to do is denied, denied, denied." But you gotta love this young adult, since I said he's only 5 years younger then me, he just turned 20 already. Then again, he's going to turn 20 this year. I need to watch the first movie, which I have to find a job to pay for the movie so I can get it and get the books, which is all of them.

But for the moment, WATCH THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!