Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Doctor Wife, Ep 4

OMG, there's a bunch of thing's that a lot of people will talk about this episode that seem pretty much down right wrong and down right funny. YES, FUNNY as in funny cool and funny brilliant that seem to make you want to smile or just want to say, "WTF!?! The Tardis is in that woman body!?! No way, that's not blooming possible!?!" And yes, this is true about the episode and the title itself. Who on earth though of the title "The Doctor's Wife" in the first place? The whole episode is funny if you are watching but it's has a creepy side to it also if your sitting there on the couch and thinking to yourself like what the hell just happen here.

Ok,  if your wondering what I'm talking about I'll try to bring in what I really know about the episode. If anyone tell's me I show wrote it down when it was still fresh, it's because I didn't though of it in the first place. So don't bug me about it. Ok, back to what I know, when you watch the episode from the beginning of it, you see what happen with a woman called Idris is afraid of what is going to happen to her. Even though that Auntie, Uncle and Nephew with a green eyed Ood is within this univeres with her. (Which nobody hasn't seen an Ood with a green eyes before in which it has been awhile for something different with another eye color this time around.)

Mean while in another univeres in the year 2011, there seem to be a knock on the door when the Tardis is in flight that makes Amy and Rory thinking how's that possible to get a knocking upon the door of the Tardis in which the Doctor got a mail from this cube of life. Yes, a cube with a light within it. Which goes upon the line of "I've got mail!" (Lol, ok, somebody got something going on this when doing this episode.)

But the funny thing did come when they got throw out to the "outside of the Univeres" and landed to the graveyard of all the torn down Tardis. Yet, the only real funny thing that Idris did do was kissing the Doctor and bit him a bit later after the kiss. Since I have seen the episode and don't want to get into the whole detail after not re-watching it, in which I will do later. I'll let you decide on that. Since like I said, there's funny moment, scary bit moment and a sad moment that will make you want to cry,

I let everyone just watch the episode and just go with it.

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